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Reality TV

I have been greatly opposed to reality TV… until this year.

I have shamefully been hooked on reality TV since coming back to uni this term (blame the house mates), but my opinions on shows have completely changed.

I have always despised Big Brother, the first ten years of it running I thought it was the worst show going (until the arrival of TOWIE/Jersey Shore and all the other crap scripted ‘reality’ shows).

However, this year I was hooked on it every single night. The contestants were constantly making me laugh or shout at the TV. I loved Tom, his quirky camp ways and overuse of the word ‘bab’ had me wishing he was my friend. I despised Aaron and the way he was obsessed with playing a game with every one – including Faye -the girl he claims he loves.

When Aaron won I was outraged.. pretty sad to be so annoyed over a TV show I know. But I was desperate for Tom and Alex to be in the final two. When Tom made 5th place I was shocked, how could he come behind Aaron, the contestant that everyone was booing?!

X-Factor this year is becoming a bit of a joke. I think it’s lost all credibility with all the decent acts being voted out, but bad ones staying in.

The news emerged this week that Emelia Lily knew she was the one voted in to replace Frankie Cocozza – before the phone lines closed. Just proof that the show is a fix, it’s all about how much money can be made these days which is pretty sad. The whole show seems to be a bit of a mess to be honest, hopefully it won’t come back next year…


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I was just watching the news and they were showing a story about injured rhinos. The Chinese have been cutting off their horns because they think that rhino horns bring good luck. However, the animals have to be put down pretty much straight after because they are stumbling around the place injured and confused.

I’ve never spent that much time thinking about the way that we treat species that are less intelligent or able to defend themselves. But after seeing the footage on TV tonight, I think it has definately opened my eyes.

I feel so sad that as humans we¬†sometimes exploit the fact that we’re the superior race for our own personal gain. ūüė¶

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Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse is an amazingly talented singer who has been talk of the country recently following her death, and today for the theft of her music.

News broke her house has been robbed and that that her unreleased music has been stolen from her house. Stealing from the dead is one of the lowest and most disgusting things that a person can do.

The months – years even – leading up to her death she became more popularly known for her constant drunken state alongside being known for her drug addiction. Fans started to turn against her and she had to cancel her tour after a performance disappointed many when she started slurring her words and swaying about on stage.

 So many celebrities these days gain fame through their stints in rehab or their drug/alcohol problems. Take Linsey Lohan, or Pete Doherty as prime examples. The grungy look and rebellious attitude that so many celebrities manage to pull off that gets them constantly talked about. But we must remember that addictions are a serious matter, and Amy is the example that will be remembered to awaken people to the reality that eventually these sorts of lifestyles take their toll.

Watching a documentary recently about the career of Amy Winehouse made me incredibly sad, as I am the first to admit I judged her by her recent actions. Looking at the curvy, happy go lucky, talented singer smiling away at the camera was heartbreaking in comparison her to her skinny, withdrawn look she had the past few years.

It is a message to everyone that addictions need to be taken seriously, and it can happen to the best of people.

Amy will live on in everyones memories now through her amazing music. Let’s hope the lowlife who stole from her will be caught and punished.

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“Thankyou and Goodbye” is the simple but conclusive headline of the last ever edition of the News of the World newspaper. In print for 168 years, the newspaper has a¬†staggering¬†a readership of 7 million.

The news that has been breaking recently about the phone hacking scandal involving the newspaper is so terrible and unethical that I’m not surprised that media tycoon,¬†Rupert Murdoch felt the best option was to close the newspaper.

I understand and agree that this is the best option, but I still feel a wave of sadness that it has come to this, as my family have read the News of The World practically every Sunday for my whole life. I am not sad because I think the consequences are undeserved, but because it is the end of an era.

I will be buying the newspaper tomorrow when it is available in the shops, which may seem like the wrong thing to do considering the discusting things the staff have resorted to in order to break exclusive stories. However, the journalist side of me is also interested to see what they have to say in it, considering the fact that the company behind News of the World also owns many other media sources around the world, including ‘The Sun’ newspaper.

I’m interested because I think it will be a very special newspaper, and have a feeling it will show news stories that they have covered over the many years of publication which I am interested to see.

Nevertheless, this does not mean I agree with any of the things they have done. I thought it was awful when I heard about reporters hacking the phones of celebrities and politicians, as it’s a sickening invasion of privacy, but¬†I think it is even more horrific that any reporter would even consider hacking the voicemail of a missing schoolgirl just to get a scoop, let alone deleting the messages so more could come though.

I don’t think this will be the¬†gap in the market for¬†a popular tabloid newspaper will be empty for long. The domain names ‘www.sunonsunday.co.uk’ and ‘www.sunonsunday.com’ were registered before the News of¬†The World announced their end, so it is¬†only a matter of¬†time before an almost similar newspaper is opened. While this could be¬†seen as a ‘fresh start’, it mainly shows that there isn’t much regret, only interest in making money. I certainly won’t¬†be buying it.

I think that it is going to be an interesting few months now, as the whole ethics of journalism is going to be reviewed, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more scandals came out the woodwork. Journalists need to rememeber where the line is, no matter what the situation.

At the same time, I think we should¬†give¬†thought¬†to the journalists (if there were any…) who didn’t participate in any of the unmoral scandals and are now jobless.

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Alice’s Bucket List

I first found out about this topic through Twitter, one of the quickest, reliable ways to get breaking news these days. #Alicebucketlist was a Trending Topic, so I clicked on the link to see what was all about.

Alice Pyne is a 15-year-old girl who has been fighting cancer for four years. Her fight is nearing the end now as she has sadly found out that is was a battle she will not win. I found the link to her bucket list which comes to her blog detailing her list and her progress, and I personally found it so moving.

It is inspirational to see¬†that a girl¬†who knows they won’t live to do everything she’s wanted to do in life can be so happy and good-willed. It makes you think about all the meaningless problems that get us down, like having an ‘ugly day’ or bickering with a friend. These are irrelevant things compared to a poor girl who, despite having a bleak future can still manage to stay positive.

Alice’s story has stolen the hearts of people worldwide, featuring on ‘This Morning’ and appearing in American newspapers. People have been inspired by this young girl and are all coming forward to offer support. One of her requests was to own a purple¬†iPad, something that her family friends are buying for her, but it didn’t stop complete strangers offering to help her out.

Her sister is doing the Race for Life, and has already raised almost ¬£5000 from¬†friends, family and strangers¬†wanting to contribute in any way they can. It’s heart-warming that people who don’t even know Alice can come together and offer support

The most¬†crucial request on Alice’s list is her plea for everyone to sign up to become a bone marrow donour. Awareness to these issues is crucial because although we may not like to think about it, one day it could be one of us recieving the news that we are ill, or somebody we hold dear.

Alice’s blog: http://alicepyne.blogspot.com/
Milly Pyne’s¬†Race for Life: http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/millypyne1908

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