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A high price…

Browsing the internet I came across an unusual ebay auction going ahead…


The seller has put up for auction a teabag that they supposedly dropped on the floor where the tea leaves allegedly formed the shape of the famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. Alongside the tea bag there is a post-it note with a drawing of the picture the leaves formed.

When I clicked on the auction I noticed that the current bidding price was £1000, which I thought was ridiculous. However, after 10 minutes the auction had gone up to £150,000!

Despite the numerous questions about how legitimate the claim is, the biggest one on my mind is “Why would someone pay that much for a teabag?!”.

Society is odd at times…


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I’m not really a big fan of celebrating new year, although I like the fact that it’s an opportunity to start afresh. Some could argue that you could make resolutions any time of the year which is true, but a brand new year seems almost like a fresh slate. At the end of the year, you could look back and say “In 2012, I achieved…”

I didn’t see in the year like I expected, but it was still a good night and I wouldn’t have changed it. I have decided this is the year to be more optimistic. Soo here are some of my resolutions for the year:

1. Join the gym

Joining the gym may seem like your cliche beginning of the year resolution. Most people who join the gym tend to do so around new year, wanting to burn off the Christmas calories and look good for the summer, and most people don’t continue to go after the first couple of months. However, before I went to uni I used to go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and really enjoyed it. At the time I didn’t appreciate how much excersise I was doing until I look back now and realise that I actually used to do quite a lot. As well as cardio and numerous situps, I used to do weights and ended up being pretty strong (nowhere near a bodybuilder though haha). Although this time I aim to keep away from the weights, I will do a bit just to try and tone up, although my area of focus is my bum, tum and legs. I am joining a 24 hour gym on Tuesday and I’m really excited!

2. Save up £1000 for my gap year.

Over the summer of 2011 I worked fulltime and managed to save enough money for my ideal round the world ticket. I’ve been looking into travelling for over a year now, and it’s definately something I want to do after I graduate. I have found the round the world ticket that suits my needs and now I have the money for that, I need to save towards accommodation and spending money. I’m not delusional I know I’ll need way more than £2400, but a start is a start. I plan to hopefully work back at the same place over summer and to be better at my saving as I earned way more than I saved but it went towards rent and pointless things such as clothes. I’m going to work full time from the end of my 3rd year of uni until graduation, and if I manage to save enough I will fly out after Christmas 2013 🙂 I don’t mind waiting a bit longer as long as I get the trip I have so carefully planned 🙂

3. Get more work experience.

To be able to have a fighting chance in succeeding in the journalism field I need a lot of work experience. I have some lined up for next week, but I’m going to need to put my fears aside and beg magazines and newspapers for any type of work!

4. Lose 1/2 a stone.

I managed to lose some weight towards the end of 1st year, but it wasn’t intentional I just somehow had a smaller appetite and lost quite a bit of weight. I was surprised at what a difference just 7lbs made to my figure but I really liked it. Coming home over summer to a job with free food, and the comforts of home cooked food made me quickly put the weight back on. I know it’s going to be difficult to lose weight but I’m hoping tied in with the gym, my goal might be a little easier to achieve.

5. Read more.

I used to read so much. I love being caught up in another world and being so intrigued by a story that I stay awake until the early hours of the morning, unable to put my book down. I have about 10 books I want to read stacked ontop of my wardrobe at uni so I want to get through them by Easter so then I can buy some new ones.

6. Stop taking things to heart.

I’m the type of annoying person who thinks that if someone is down that it is because of me. I want to help people I care about, but sometimes people are quite rude to me, or do rude things and I take it really personally. Obviously sometimes I do annoy people, or things are my fault but I take to heart the fact that people sometimes just have an attitude problem. So I want to become thicker skinned and let them deal with their attitude issues themselves. 

7. Put more effort into uni work.

This isn’t really a new resolution as such. Last term I was proud of the fact that I managed to complete all my university work days before it was due in, and I had put a considerable amount of effort in too. I haven’t got my grades back yet, so for all I know it could have been appalling quality – but let’s hope not!

8. Find a talent/hobby!

There are quite a few things I’m interested in persuing so hopefully this year I will get off my bum and try them out! I really want to become a decent cook. I want to explore different recipes and ingredients, but I have no idea where to start really. I have a vague idea though, so I think I’ll start out simple! When I was younger I took part in swimming, ballet and tap and was selected to be part of special ‘gifted and talented’ classes at school. When I went on to college I had low confidence so didn’t persue anything, I just kept to myself. It wasn’t until 3rd year of college when I joined the student union that I realised I really liked being part of a team and organising events – it made me feel like I had a purpose. I’ve always liked raising money for charity, and although that isn’t a talent it is something I want to continue to do. I used to enjoy 200m and once considered joining the Olympiads – an athletics team in my town and was asked to join but never bothered to. So, I’ve decided I need to stop being lazy and worrying about what could happen and just try out new things.

9. Sort my mind out.

This resolution pretty much explains itself. There’s some things that I worry will happen, and I have to stop worrying about whether they will or not because it doesn’t get me anywhere. And on the other hand, there’s some things I want really badly to happen, and I need to stop hoping for it if I’m not going to do anything about it.

10. Go abroad.

I’m hopefully going to Tenerife with a friend but not really sure if that will end up happening. Hopefully. But either way I really just want to go SOMEWHERE!

11. Blog more.

Voila 😉

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