A high price…

Browsing the internet I came across an unusual ebay auction going ahead…


The seller has put up for auction a teabag that they supposedly dropped on the floor where the tea leaves allegedly formed the shape of the famous actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. Alongside the tea bag there is a post-it note with a drawing of the picture the leaves formed.

When I clicked on the auction I noticed that the current bidding price was £1000, which I thought was ridiculous. However, after 10 minutes the auction had gone up to £150,000!

Despite the numerous questions about how legitimate the claim is, the biggest one on my mind is “Why would someone pay that much for a teabag?!”.

Society is odd at times…


Hello to another year

I’m not really a big fan of celebrating new year, although I like the fact that it’s an opportunity to start afresh. Some could argue that you could make resolutions any time of the year which is true, but a brand new year seems almost like a fresh slate. At the end of the year, you could look back and say “In 2012, I achieved…”

I didn’t see in the year like I expected, but it was still a good night and I wouldn’t have changed it. I have decided this is the year to be more optimistic. Soo here are some of my resolutions for the year:

1. Join the gym

Joining the gym may seem like your cliche beginning of the year resolution. Most people who join the gym tend to do so around new year, wanting to burn off the Christmas calories and look good for the summer, and most people don’t continue to go after the first couple of months. However, before I went to uni I used to go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week and really enjoyed it. At the time I didn’t appreciate how much excersise I was doing until I look back now and realise that I actually used to do quite a lot. As well as cardio and numerous situps, I used to do weights and ended up being pretty strong (nowhere near a bodybuilder though haha). Although this time I aim to keep away from the weights, I will do a bit just to try and tone up, although my area of focus is my bum, tum and legs. I am joining a 24 hour gym on Tuesday and I’m really excited!

2. Save up £1000 for my gap year.

Over the summer of 2011 I worked fulltime and managed to save enough money for my ideal round the world ticket. I’ve been looking into travelling for over a year now, and it’s definately something I want to do after I graduate. I have found the round the world ticket that suits my needs and now I have the money for that, I need to save towards accommodation and spending money. I’m not delusional I know I’ll need way more than £2400, but a start is a start. I plan to hopefully work back at the same place over summer and to be better at my saving as I earned way more than I saved but it went towards rent and pointless things such as clothes. I’m going to work full time from the end of my 3rd year of uni until graduation, and if I manage to save enough I will fly out after Christmas 2013 🙂 I don’t mind waiting a bit longer as long as I get the trip I have so carefully planned 🙂

3. Get more work experience.

To be able to have a fighting chance in succeeding in the journalism field I need a lot of work experience. I have some lined up for next week, but I’m going to need to put my fears aside and beg magazines and newspapers for any type of work!

4. Lose 1/2 a stone.

I managed to lose some weight towards the end of 1st year, but it wasn’t intentional I just somehow had a smaller appetite and lost quite a bit of weight. I was surprised at what a difference just 7lbs made to my figure but I really liked it. Coming home over summer to a job with free food, and the comforts of home cooked food made me quickly put the weight back on. I know it’s going to be difficult to lose weight but I’m hoping tied in with the gym, my goal might be a little easier to achieve.

5. Read more.

I used to read so much. I love being caught up in another world and being so intrigued by a story that I stay awake until the early hours of the morning, unable to put my book down. I have about 10 books I want to read stacked ontop of my wardrobe at uni so I want to get through them by Easter so then I can buy some new ones.

6. Stop taking things to heart.

I’m the type of annoying person who thinks that if someone is down that it is because of me. I want to help people I care about, but sometimes people are quite rude to me, or do rude things and I take it really personally. Obviously sometimes I do annoy people, or things are my fault but I take to heart the fact that people sometimes just have an attitude problem. So I want to become thicker skinned and let them deal with their attitude issues themselves. 

7. Put more effort into uni work.

This isn’t really a new resolution as such. Last term I was proud of the fact that I managed to complete all my university work days before it was due in, and I had put a considerable amount of effort in too. I haven’t got my grades back yet, so for all I know it could have been appalling quality – but let’s hope not!

8. Find a talent/hobby!

There are quite a few things I’m interested in persuing so hopefully this year I will get off my bum and try them out! I really want to become a decent cook. I want to explore different recipes and ingredients, but I have no idea where to start really. I have a vague idea though, so I think I’ll start out simple! When I was younger I took part in swimming, ballet and tap and was selected to be part of special ‘gifted and talented’ classes at school. When I went on to college I had low confidence so didn’t persue anything, I just kept to myself. It wasn’t until 3rd year of college when I joined the student union that I realised I really liked being part of a team and organising events – it made me feel like I had a purpose. I’ve always liked raising money for charity, and although that isn’t a talent it is something I want to continue to do. I used to enjoy 200m and once considered joining the Olympiads – an athletics team in my town and was asked to join but never bothered to. So, I’ve decided I need to stop being lazy and worrying about what could happen and just try out new things.

9. Sort my mind out.

This resolution pretty much explains itself. There’s some things that I worry will happen, and I have to stop worrying about whether they will or not because it doesn’t get me anywhere. And on the other hand, there’s some things I want really badly to happen, and I need to stop hoping for it if I’m not going to do anything about it.

10. Go abroad.

I’m hopefully going to Tenerife with a friend but not really sure if that will end up happening. Hopefully. But either way I really just want to go SOMEWHERE!

11. Blog more.

Voila 😉

Biased Blogging?

Whenever somebody puts their self in the public eye whether it be in front of the camera of behind, there will always be people who disapprove. However, it is how you deal with this attention that helps you generate the majority of positive or negative attention that comes with it.

The website www.teenmomtalk.com always manages to stir up a lot of controversy between the subject of blog posts and the people who read them. Run by blogger Heather Clouse, the site claims to ‘squash rumours and feed your curiosity’, talking about the mothers and fathers from the hit T.V shows 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom.

 To give Heather credit, Teen Mom Talk certainly does feed the curiosity. I for one regularly check up for new gossip on the website. Although I don’t agree with Heather’s way of going about stories, I find some of the things she has to say amusing. The comments from the regular readers also amuse me. Although there is the point that if you don’t agree with the site then you should just not bother reading it, I personally come back for an element of entertainment.

However, recently I’ve started to become quite annoyed. It’s been known for a while that Heather has ‘befriended’ the girls from the shows in order to gain stories and claims to know a lot more about them then she publishes. Okay, fair enough. It was probably the wrong idea for the girls to tell whatever information they had to someone who they have never met and is obviously writing daily about their lives.

The thing that gets to me most is the clear bias in the ‘articles’. Obviously, the girls Heather writes about shouldn’t do the negative things they do – if they didn’t there wouldn’t  be a story for her to write about. But the thing is, there is more stories then she lets on. For example, on the Daily Mail website today there were pictures of Kailyn Lowry kissing a guy that clearly isn’t Jordan. Although we don’t know who Kailyn is actually dating at this moment in time, it’s still a story. We can be sure if it was a story published about one of the girls Heather didn’t get on with then it would be on Teen Mom Talk in no time.

I think if somebody is claiming to be a reporter or even a gossip blogger, then they should publish every story. Not just show the negative ones about the people they don’t personally get on with.

Heather has recently been publically feuding with Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans. As a ‘professional’ she should rise above it and let Jenelle dig herself into a hole, while still remaining unbiased. Although she claims she isn’t, the stories and tone she writes in make it clear there is some sort of conflict reflected in her writing. She is negative about Jenelle going back to now ex-boyfriend Keiffer, but she makes no personal opinions about Chelsea Houska continuously going back to ex-boyfriend Adam. Although the two situations are different, they are still going back to their bad-boy ex’s.

Heather’s live Twitter feeds during episodes of Teen Mom are positive towards the other girls, but negative towards Jenelle. The story written in Heather’s recap seems to change from the story actually told in the show. Heather makes out Jenelle presses charges against Keiffer for the night she initiated a fight, but in Teem Mom Jenelle herself makes it clear numerous times that it’s because of a different fight shown off-screen.

 Kailyn takes her mother’s television when she moves out of the house on the quiet. She makes a comment acknowledging that her mother wouldn’t like her to take the T.V, but she still does so. If Jenelle had done this, I’m quite sure there would be a comment about her taking it without permission.

On a last note, we see a preview of a later episode where Kailyn cheats on her boyfriend at the time, Jordan. If one of the girls in Heather’s favour had been cheated on then that would be a different story.

Farrah Abraham recently caused controversy over a tweet aimed at Kourtney Kardashian’s news that she was expecting. Although Farrah in all fairness worded herself the wrong way, the message wasn’t as rude as people thought she had intended. After explaining herself, it turned out Farrah had the right intentions with her Tweet. Instead of appealing to find the real reason, or even publishing what Farrah ACTUALLY meant after it was explained, Heather just wrote negative articles and Tweets about Farrah, even going as far as to refer to Farrah’s actions as ‘douchebaggery’. Wow.

There are articles about Corey Simms, Ryan Edwards and Leah Messer getting new partners, but for the record Farrah is also seeing someone 🙂 A bit of information that was left out from the TMT website (unless I am wrong, in which case I apologise).

I didn’t mean to go on so much of a rant, and underneath the bias of the articles I do enjoy getting regular updates. But I somebody claiming to be ‘reporting’ should be a bit more ethical and put personal issues aside to cater to the large amount of readers that constantly go to the website. Heather has potential to gain a lot of credibility, but I think she is using it in the wrong ways.

For rumour clear-ups of Amber Portwood’s recent run in with the law, then it might be worth checking out Shawn Portwood’s blog. A very good read: http://shawn-portwood.blogspot.com/

2011 going on 2012

It’s not quite the end of the year yet, but I’m sat alone in the house at 2:30am after saying goodbye to the best friend and I just read on the BBC news website about how much has happened this year. Obviously being a journalism student and having an interest in current affairs, I knew the major events that had happened. But I was shocked that some of them were in 2011, because so much has happened and it’s amazing how much can change in a year.

Check out the article here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-16089232 

We’ve not only had tsunami’s, earthquakes and riots unfold on our television screens, but there’s also been royal weddings, century-old newspapers shutting down, and the capture and murder of one man who has been playing hide-and-seek for ten years.

Realising that the Japanese disasters only happened in March shocked me. To me, they seem like such a long time ago. So much big news has happened since, that I’m sure I’m not the only one who agrees that it’s hard to remember what happened just this year.

So much has changed in my life, also. My family has had to overcome some pretty big obstacles, I’ve lost friends and gained friends and changed my views on so many different things.

I’ve realised that no matter how bad something can be and even if it feels like the worst feeling at the time, things can turn around. I really think things happen for a reason. I see now that sometimes things have to get bad for them to get soooo much better. And I’m very greatful for what (and who) I have.

Although 2011 has been turbulent in not only my personal life but worldwide, I’m pretty excited to see what 2012 will bring.

(P.S I’m pretty sure some of my punctuation is pretty bad in this post… I’m tired so do forgive me. But I wouldn’t have the inspiration to write in the morning)

So, I had all my hand-ins this week, and for the first time ever I managed to finish all my work two days before the deadline! It was a good feeling.

Now all my work is out the way, I’m excited just to chill out and do my own thing. I have a couple of things I’ve told myself I should get done, one of them being to update my blog more often so watch out for new posts 🙂

Where to start?

It’s very nearly the end of the first semester, second year of uni. I really feel like I’ve learnt a lot this term, mainly in my Lifestyle module which at first I found quite daunting and difficult, but once I manned up a bit I realised it’s teaching me great tools for when I’m out in the industry. It’s made me think a lot about what type of Magazine I’d like to write for.

A lot of people on my course seem very keen on writing about fashion and beauty, and I feel slightly in the minority because that doesn’t interest me at all. But I guess in a way, it’s good that I’m not taking an interest just because everyone else is. I have quite strong opinions so I think I’d be well suited to a column.

I have work experience lined up for January and I’m so nervous!!! I have no idea what to wear, or even what to do. I’m so self-conscious about my writing, so to let professionals see it is going to be quite intimidating. That’s if I even get to write anything…

I will update when my time at the Western Gazette is complete.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what I want to do with my life. It feels that people I am close to here a uni have a lot of things going for them, but I have no idea. I know what I’d like to do, but I have no idea where to start. I don’t really have any relevant hobbies that can get me anywhere (that I’m aware of).

My best friend is so multi-talented it’s crazy. And then another friend is starting a ‘fanzine’, allowing him to be creative with his passion for hardcore music. He has asked me to contribute some of my work though, which I was flattered about because any type of writing that is being published is so helpful for me.

What I’d really love to do is to write a book. I’ve actually tried quite a few times to start, but I get a couple pages in and get self-conscious about what I’ve written and delete it. I need to get thicker skin.

I want to be able to write a really good blog, something that people will enjoy reading because I’m pretty sure at the moment what I have to say won’t interest anyone. I’m working on it though – it’s my Christmas project for myself 🙂

Reality TV

I have been greatly opposed to reality TV… until this year.

I have shamefully been hooked on reality TV since coming back to uni this term (blame the house mates), but my opinions on shows have completely changed.

I have always despised Big Brother, the first ten years of it running I thought it was the worst show going (until the arrival of TOWIE/Jersey Shore and all the other crap scripted ‘reality’ shows).

However, this year I was hooked on it every single night. The contestants were constantly making me laugh or shout at the TV. I loved Tom, his quirky camp ways and overuse of the word ‘bab’ had me wishing he was my friend. I despised Aaron and the way he was obsessed with playing a game with every one – including Faye -the girl he claims he loves.

When Aaron won I was outraged.. pretty sad to be so annoyed over a TV show I know. But I was desperate for Tom and Alex to be in the final two. When Tom made 5th place I was shocked, how could he come behind Aaron, the contestant that everyone was booing?!

X-Factor this year is becoming a bit of a joke. I think it’s lost all credibility with all the decent acts being voted out, but bad ones staying in.

The news emerged this week that Emelia Lily knew she was the one voted in to replace Frankie Cocozza – before the phone lines closed. Just proof that the show is a fix, it’s all about how much money can be made these days which is pretty sad. The whole show seems to be a bit of a mess to be honest, hopefully it won’t come back next year…